Re-imagine what your crypto wallet can do for you

Meet the world's first true multi-chain, multi-identity crypto wallet with pro tools to set your digital asset trading free

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Hold, send, and receive tokens / coins on different blockchains with one single app

Store, send & receive coins / tokens on different blockchains in one single wallet, with only one single Passphrase.


Instantly trade cryptocurrencies and digital assets

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly and easily with your Unbounded Wallet.


Track your investment in real-time at a glance

Track your crypto assets' value, history, and performance in real time in an easy-to-use dashboard. Would you like to go deeper? Our advanced transaction history includes block height, miner fees, and input/output transaction addresses.


Save money through adjustable fees

Adapt your fees based on the urgency of your transaction. Choose from multiple priority level timing options.


Save time and avoid surprises with smart alerts

Use our Unbounded Wallet to set alerts and receive timely notifications to individual digital assets as well your overall portfolio performance for a single network or across blockchain, to assist you with buy, sell and hold decisions.


Meet your multi-identity wallet

Your wallet is your identity for the Web3 world. In one click, create multiple wallet profiles — for work wallet, asset management, e-commerce, view-only, NFTs, gaming etc. each with its own profile information, real-time notifications & alerts, permissions, adjustable fees, and more.

Redefining the Future of Web3 for generations to come

We're passionate about crafting awesome Web3 solutions & technologies that digital-asset-native users and developers can use to reimagine and accelerate getting things done.