Unbounded - FAQ

What is the Unbounded Network Registry​ ​and why is it important
Why is a public, open directory that tracks the world’s blockchain deployments needed and beneficial

Just because permissioned networks are closed, does not mean they should remain hidden. Unbounded Network Registry​ ​brings discoverability and transparency to organizations that could contribute to and benefit from permissioned blockchains. Networks across markets as varied as the diamond and healthcare industries are open for business. Being listed in Unbounded Network Registry​ ​will expedite the growth of these networks as a whole and hopefully increase the value for all participants. The goal is that this registry becomes a go-to education tool for the market, as adoption of distributed ledger technology increases, and we start to see an increasing-returns network effect as small ledgers acquire more users. For second wave adopters, it identifies permissioned ledger networks to possibly join before launching their own